An Australian business based in Sydney. 

RBP is an online retail electronics company specializing in usb flash drives, microSD cards, powerbanks, hard drives, drones, and other electronic devices.


  • microSD cards branded with SanDisk logo
  • hard drives branded with Western Digital or Seagate logo
  • drones branded with DJI, Parrot etc logos.
  • usb flash drives branded with international logos (SanDisk, Toshiba, Kingston, Lexar, etc.)
  • usb flash drives branded with your logo 
  • usb flash drives branded with RBP logo
  • accessories for usb flash drives (gift boxes, lanyards, usb extension cables)
  • powerbanks branded with Xiaomi logo. We also sell generics.


  • colour print logo on usb flash drives
  • engrave logo on ubs flash drives
  • package flash drives into gift boxes
  • print logo on lanyards
  • print logo on gift boxes
  • load data files on flash drives
  • create custom design and custom mold for flash drives

Our customers:

  • corporations
  • governmental agencies
  • universities and schools
  • councils
  • libraries
  • computer stores and other resellers
  • promotional products companies
  • Australians who want to buy a few pieces online and save money

We have been in business since March 2006 and since this time have sold over 400,000 usb flash drives to Australians.

Director Rick has over 25 years experience in data and data storage systems.

Rick has worked in Australia, USA, Europe and Asia for large data companies.

As Regional Director of an Asia Pacific business unit, he managed data services and data production in Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai and Sydney.

Rick has relationships with Chinese suppliers and knowledge of which factories provide quality products.

Now RBP buys directly from Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and USA manufacturers in bulk and then sells to Australians at wholesale prices.

We also ship worldwide.

We love this business.