Powerbank 10,000 mAh, solar + battery

  • Lithium Polymer battery charging unit for mobile phones and electrical devices.
  • Charges IPhones, Android phones, tablet pcs, and EFTPOS machines.
  • Two methods to charge lithium battery. Can plug in to powerpoint via charging cable. Or you can use sunlight or a desk light to recharge lithium battery.
  • Solar (voltaic) cells on top of unit. 
  • Tested on both Samsung mobile and iPhone - works for 4 to 5 full recharges before you need to recharge the battery again. 
  • Solar cells tested in Sydney. Can sit inside by window or outside and the solar cells begin collecting electricity and charges battery. Will also charge by interior office desk lights. LED lights up to show solar energy being collected and stored. 
  • Step 1: use standard Android phone charger, or standard tablet pc charger to charge powerbank. This charger with micro usb head is not included but you can get at any electronics store.
  • Step 2: allow powerbank to charge.
  • Step 3: connect full size usb head of cable into powerbank. Connect micro usb head into Android phone or tablet pc (or whatever device you want charged). This cable is included in sale. If you want to charge an iPhone you need to use the standard white lightning cable that came with your phone purchase.
  • Perfect gift. 
  • Never need to worry about your mobile phone running out of charge.
  • LED light shows how much charge you have remaining in unit. 
  • Input = DC 5V, 1A. Standard input from Australian powerpoint. 
  • Output 1 = DC 5V,1A.
  • Output 2 = DC 5V, 2A.
  • Can charge 2 phones simultaneously.
  • Capacity = 10,000 mAh.
  • Plastic case with silver metal trim 120 x 75 x 20 mm.
  • Light gold coloured cardboard box. Makes nice presentation. 
  • One year warranty.

$ 33.00