SanDisk Dual (OTG) usb 3.0 (32 GB)

  • 32GB Ultra Dual USB 3.0 super speed flash drive.
  • Also known as OTG - "On the Go" usb for mobile devices. 
  • Two heads: usb 3.0 head on one end to fit into laptop pc or Mac. Micro usb head on other end to fit into Android mobile phone port or tablet pc. 
  • Designed for usb 3.0 ports but will also work in usb 2.0 ports. 
  • SanDisk model number SDDD2-032G.
  • SanDisk USA flash memory, assembled in China.
  • Grade A original flash with fast read/write speeds.
  • SanDisk packaging lists read speed up to 130 MB/s. 
  • Black colour.
  • Plastic.
  • Switch/lever on side to retract usb head in & out.
  • Option to password protect your data files. SanDisk Secure Access software included.
  • Retail cardboard/blister packaging. Sealed at factory.
  • Size: 30 x 18 x 8 mm. 
  • Plug and play for all Win or Mac systems.
  • RBP offers a one year warranty + SanDisk offers an additional 5 year warranty on all their products. See back of retail packaging for details. 

$ 17.60